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Experiments with sugarcane wine

Long story and experimentation, that’s what this post is all about. I’ve always made wines from fruit or rice, never from fruit juice…. and then I saw this post from a survival blog which said, “What do you do with all your stashed away emergency supplies as they near their expiry dates? Use them up of course. And how would you use up the gallons of so called “natural” tetra packed grape juice? You add sugar and turn it into wine! ”

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Review : Smith & Wesson tactical pen

Looks like my bug out bag project is jinxed. A couple of years back, my 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 backpack was stolen on a train journey to my brothers house. I was testing its load bearing ability with its Y yoke being a bit uncomfortable in the Indian summers. Now I’m yet unable to choose whether to go in for the Rush 72 or stick to the original plan. In addition the Storm color I wanted (previous one was black) seems ineligible for International shipping. Thankfully, I’ve put the cart before the horse so I have plenty of equipment to review. Once I’ve finalized the  list of items that go into my bag, it will be easier for me to take a call on what size of tactical rucksack I’d need.

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Seasoning a clay pot

The pot you see in the featured image above is a “factory pot”. Yes that is what it is called in Tulu to distinguish it from the locally available thin pots. The thick pot is manufactured in factories probably in Kerala and needs no seasoning and is at least two times as thick as locally available pots turned on a potters wheel. The pores in the pot do need to be sealed before using it to cook though. Since it was the only pot I had, I decided to use it for this tutorial on seasoning pots. The local pots are a pale muddy brown while the factory manufactured pots are brick red… probably added color.

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The quest for natural hair dye

To dye, or not to dye. Most people have to deal with this question sooner or later. Although I am quite comfortable with my greying hair, it can sometimes get awkward when everyone around you colors their hair. It probably depends on your culture, but honestly, hanging out with friends who are your age or older but who look younger than you with respect to hair color is a bit difficult -especially if you are still single. Your friends too wouldn’t like to look like they are hanging out with the uncle.

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Clay utensils in Coastal Karnataka

Clay is probably one of the oldest materials used by mankind. I find it quite exciting that just a generation ago my maternal grandparents used clay utensils for their daily needs. My grandfather even had his favorite clay plate. I am not sure whether they had clay glasses for drinking beverages at that time in Udupi, however in North India I still find shops selling tea or lassi (a sweet or salted Yogurt or buttermilk summer drink, often served with a glob of white butter) in earthen utensils was kulhads.

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The enigma of eating healthy

Eating healthy is an enigma indeed. This of course is on account of there being as many opinions on this subject as there are people themselves. It doesn’t help that those at the forefront of publishing these “scientific reports” often have  business interests, or are in the business of selling diets to lose weight, beat cancer or peddle similar miraculous cures or sell  so called super-foods -all with an intent to pad their pockets.

As you read, please bear in mind that this article doesn’t qualify as medical advice, so follow things at your own risk. My research has been done on my own person for a couple of decades. I cannot guarantee that it will work for you. However there is no harm in trying it out as there are no drugs to take -only natural food -as it is available in nature.

Like a lot of people, I have longed to know how to be healthy and what good food really is, as over time I have become a firm believer in the ability of the human body to heal and renew itself. I never take prescription drugs, except for the couple of times when I’ve been admitted to hospital and have had no say in anything -like the time when someone drugged and robbed me on the train. I seldom fall ill though. At the most, it is a few days of inefficiency and tiredness at work, or a day or two of casual leave to rest my body. However I haven’t been known for eating healthy food regularly, even though I order and cook mostly organic food. I mostly eat only when I’m hungry and in small quantities. Whenever I’ve gained weight and people tell me I’m looking all filled in and good, I fall sick and am down for 15 days or more. I’m not totally against commercial drugs as they work well when you need to have a surgery or are the victim of a road accident. However I would never pop pills on a daily or long term, sustained basis or for every little ache, pain or runny nose as some others would.

The road to health or wellness is not an easy one, not everyone can swallow the bitter pill of wellness even though all want to be healthy. I’ve tripped up so many times, but I feel that the important thing is taking small steps in the right direction rather than constantly penalizing yourself for the occasional regression. The road to wellness is a multi-pronged approach which involves the spiritual, nutrition, exercise and emotional wellness. This post looks into nutrition or healthy eating only. As far as exercise is concerned, I do all my house work manually without the use of labour saving devices and love to take long walks and treks. This has kept me in good standing. I did lift weights when I was younger and still have a Bullworker III with me, but I find it redundant. The media would love to impress upon you that if you have unnatural muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger and other body builders’, you are in the pink of health. They couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t need bulging muscles to be healthy.


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Review: Sony ICF-F12S Radio

If you were born in the seventies or early eighties in India, the sound of a radio -which was the only source of entertainment and news  then would bring on a wave of nostalgia and rekindle old memories. For me I have additional memories passed down from a generation before and radio is an inseparable part of me. I never became a HAM like I wanted to when I was younger, but my love for radios and electronics never ended.

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