When I decided to put up an Ethereal section on Simplysimple, I had no idea what to write. It remained as an empty section for several years. I wanted to put to rest certain myths in a question and answer format like a FAQ, however a strong burden also developed to speak about how far the church has gone away from the truth of the Word. Just like Jesus told the Pharisees that they gave preference to the tradition of their elders over the actual Word of God. If Jesus came today, he would say the same thing to the Churches.

People either read New Age version Bibles which contort the true Word and listen, obey and trust their traditional churches and pastors without questioning them, just like we did in school, so it is not just the Muslims who are indoctrinating their children but we are doing so in our Churches as well -right from Sunday school, instead of letting the kids encounter and experience the living God on their own.  The snare is so perfect and the priests are so perfect, that it is blasphemy to say anything against it bringing back memories of the church in the middle ages and the inquisitions by the false Roman Catholic Church.

This section would have been devoid of any end time Church articles had it not been for my girlfriend who dumped me because her family felt they would be excommunicated if she married outside her tribe. What was startling was when I had questions on tithe and asked for proof of it being practiced by the Church in the New Testament which brought forth verbal violence and denial and I could see how strongly she had been indoctrinated even though I was open to accepting her stand if she could show me proof in the Bible. I’m so thankful that this put me on a quest of my own and I started having new questions with a conviction that this is the path that God had put me on.

So watch this space even if you are not a Christian as you will learn how many unseen things work. This is not the everyday Christianity you see all around you. That is the religion Christianity which mostly doesn’t have anything to do with Biblical Christianity although there might be many exceptions who are straddling two boats -one of a new life in Christ, and the other of the tradition of their elders.

III - The truth shall set you free

Continued from part 2 The Holy Ghost led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted and does that to his followers as well. Besides, gold is refined in a furnace and neither can a follower of Jesus be purified in the lap of luxury and comfort. Even as prosperity preachers and the ‘Word of Faith‘ […]
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II - The Journey begins

Continued from part 1 I feel like Frodo, without the ring though, but a journey awaits nevertheless, even if I don’t know it yet. I would have been discouraged if I knew  which way or how long it would be so God in His mercy showed me only one step at a time. I  wait […]
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I - Contact

This is an account of a life changing experience I had when I was 24 which literally turned my world upside down. This is the reason exists, as it opened up my mind to the truth which set me free and help discern what was true and what was not and helped de-program me […]
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Why I don't tithe anymore

I’ve always been uncomfortable about “tithing”. Not because I was a slacker at giving, it is just that at the back of my head I’ve had doubts of whether tithing still applied in/after the new testament. In addition, I’ve become wary giving to insatiable churches and fly by night standalone preachers and miracle workers and […]
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The enigma of eating healthy

Eating healthy is an enigma indeed. This of course is on account of there being as many opinions on this subject as there are people themselves. It doesn’t help that those at the forefront of publishing these “scientific reports” often have  business interests, or are in the business of selling diets to lose weight, beat cancer or peddle […]
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