How to open up a green (tender) coconut

Back to the main post on the coconut tree I had clicked these pictures a couple of years ago. After procrastinating for quite some time, I’ve finally posted them. Green or tender coconuts as they are known make for a very refreshing drink -particularly in the summers. They are known to have a cooling effect […]

The coconut palm: Cocos nucifera

My posts on coastal South Karnataka or on botany wouldn’t be complete without a post on the almost revered (here in India) coconut palm. It must have been among my first few sights after I was conscious enough to explore outside my grandmothers house. I remember woven fronds of the coconut palm acting as rain […]

Harvesting coconuts

Back to the main post on the coconut tree We have always had to hire people for harvesting coconuts -an increasingly difficult task. We have those native coconut palms which go up about two stories high or sometimes even higher. A lot of people have those stunted, probably genetically modified hybrid trees, which are easy […]

Mexican Poppy: Argemone Mexicana

I first noticed this plant next to a friend’s house in Faridabad, Haryana. It had leaves with sharp spines, yellow cup shaped flowers with overlapping petals with a white film covering the green parts. I asked the watch man who is from the Siwan district of Bihar in India what kind of plant it was […]

Water Bottle shootout : Klean Kanteen vs Sigg

It has been several years since I gave up plastic. My biggest dilemma at that time was carrying my drinking water without leeching any chemicals into it. On searching the net I finally short listed these two bottles. It was just a matter of who accepted credit card payments and shipped to India -both would also […]

Himachal’s water powered flour mills

Renewable energy is something I’m passionate about and an opportunity to live off the grid would be a dream come true. Among known renewable energy sources, solar photovoltaic cell technology is  way down on my list of favorites, as it is dependent on industrial manufacture. In addition to that, broken/disposed solar cells are not something […]

The Himalayan Oak: Quercus leucotrichophora

The Himalayan evergreen oak is an endangered tree in Northern India. The reasons for its decline are varied, the population explosion and probably global warming and deforestation all play a role in its decline. Another reason is the widespread aggressive pruning of the oaks for use as cattle feed and firewood by the local population. […]