Ethereal Living out the word

III – The truth shall set you free

Continued from part 2

The Holy Ghost led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted and does that to his followers as well. Besides, gold is refined in a furnace and neither can a follower of Jesus be purified in the lap of luxury and comfort. Even as prosperity preachers and the ‘Word of Faith‘ movement preach prosperity to their flocks with their name and claim teaching, followers of Jesus have to pass through that very same school of suffering that the prophets and apostles went through which was modeled by Jesus in His own life as well. After all, no servant is greater than his master.

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Ethereal Living out the word

II – The Journey begins

Continued from part 1

I feel like Frodo, without the ring though, but a journey awaits nevertheless, even if I don’t know it yet. I would have been discouraged if I knew  which way or how long it would be so God in His mercy showed me only one step at a time.

I  wait happily to savor the meaningful and abundant Christian life that I’ve found. I’ve always  known that there was something missing in all the rituals and in religion. I’m glad I was shown the way because there are no biological Christians. Whatever religion you belong to or even if you are born into a family that attends the best church, in the Master’s words, -“You must be born again!” (Born into the kingdom of God as a child of God) There is indeed a transaction which must happen between you and God! However, it will cost you nothing as the price was already paid on the cross. It is written that the iniquity of us all was laid on Him.

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Ethereal Living out the word

I – Contact

This is an account of a life changing experience I had when I was 24 which literally turned my world upside down. This is the reason exists, as it opened up my mind to the truth which set me free and help discern what was true and what was not and helped de-program me from education and past experiences of suspected SRA or  child sexual abuse.

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Ethereal Living out the word

Why I don’t tithe anymore

I’ve always been uncomfortable about “tithing”. Not because I was a slacker at giving, it is just that at the back of my head I’ve had doubts of whether tithing still applied in/after the new testament. In addition, I’ve become wary giving to insatiable churches and fly by night standalone preachers and miracle workers and am tired of hearing how financially beneficial and blessed it is. I’m also pretty sure that getting returns on your giving is not in any way related to the  purpose of giving although God does bless the upright in heart who give sacrificially. The best way to know the truth would be to study the word of God by yourself prayerfully depending on God’s  Holy Spirit for guidance as He was the one who wrote the Bible. In this case, it is better not to let people on the receiving end of your tithe interpret it for you as there can be a conflict of interest.

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Health Living out the word Survival

The enigma of eating healthy

Eating healthy is an enigma indeed. This of course is on account of there being as many opinions on this subject as there are people themselves. It doesn’t help that those at the forefront of publishing these “scientific reports” often have  business interests, or are in the business of selling diets to lose weight, beat cancer or peddle similar miraculous cures or sell  so called super-foods -all with an intent to pad their pockets.

As you read, please bear in mind that this article doesn’t qualify as medical advice, so follow things at your own risk. My research has been done on my own person for a couple of decades. I cannot guarantee that it will work for you. However there is no harm in trying it out as there are no drugs to take -only natural food -as it is available in nature.

Like a lot of people, I have longed to know how to be healthy and what good food really is, as over time I have become a firm believer in the ability of the human body to heal and renew itself. I never take prescription drugs, except for the couple of times when I’ve been admitted to hospital and have had no say in anything -like the time when someone drugged and robbed me on the train. I seldom fall ill though. At the most, it is a few days of inefficiency and tiredness at work, or a day or two of casual leave to rest my body. However I haven’t been known for eating healthy food regularly, even though I order and cook mostly organic food. I mostly eat only when I’m hungry and in small quantities. Whenever I’ve gained weight and people tell me I’m looking all filled in and good, I fall sick and am down for 15 days or more. I’m not totally against commercial drugs as they work well when you need to have a surgery or are the victim of a road accident. However I would never pop pills on a daily or long term, sustained basis or for every little ache, pain or runny nose as some others would.

The road to health or wellness is not an easy one, not everyone can swallow the bitter pill of wellness even though all want to be healthy. I’ve tripped up so many times, but I feel that the important thing is taking small steps in the right direction rather than constantly penalizing yourself for the occasional regression. The road to wellness is a multi-pronged approach which involves the spiritual, nutrition, exercise and emotional wellness. This post looks into nutrition or healthy eating only. As far as exercise is concerned, I do all my house work manually without the use of labour saving devices and love to take long walks and treks. This has kept me in good standing. I did lift weights when I was younger and still have a Bullworker III with me, but I find it redundant. The media would love to impress upon you that if you have unnatural muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger and other body builders’, you are in the pink of health. They couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t need bulging muscles to be healthy.


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