How it all began:

This January (2019), eleven years went by unnoticed since simplysimple.info went live. I struggled with the design then and still do. The continuous changes in technology is nothing but a pain in the neck. In addition, I can’t write when I’m stressed out, so my writing has been off and on owing to work related stress and a hell of a lot of traveling.  

Continuous travel though exhausting by itself comes with a silver lining. It has taught me how to live out of one suitcase confirming to current cabin baggage dimensions and let me experiment on the various things I write about,. Travel has taken me to rural places like the place I am in right now where there is hardly any mobile connectivity let alone mobile data and except the stray GPRS signal which is more or less useless, there is no Internet either and so I composed this offline. On the positive side, I get to set aside my own prejudices and experience numerous cultures, foods, ancestral/traditional self reliance skills and people who are still more or less living off the land like their ancestors did unlike city folk who have left all these things far behind. It has been a joy to learn from people of all  over India amongst its diverse cultures and people groups. 

Simply Simple has always been about living simply. I say this as I have been to the other side ending up with huge credit card debts which I am still paying off. Most people would have experienced this at least to some extent. This accounts for the reviews of some expensive camping and other gear on Simply Simple dating back to the time when I thought the better my gadgets, the better my life would be. These posts are there for as a reminder to me and for others who might be interested at the outcome of my experiments without having to go the whole way themselves. I might re-start a section on Linux, network security and computing posts which had higher hit rates as hosting expenses are skyrocketing and some AD revenue to offset these costs would be welcome.

Somewhere along the line, I realized that homesteading was the only true way cut costs for basic survival necessities. I was also into survivalism, so I learned a lot about that too over the space of the last 20 years. Finally, as my grandmother was a herbalist and my mum’s family still practices a few basic recipes, I’ve had a deep seated interest in herbal/natural medicine too. So on this blog you will find a quilt-work of various topics.

Sometime before publishing my blog, I had a spiritual experience which I have written about under the section called ethereal. My faith somehow turned out to be different from the others and you won’t find crosses in my house and neither do I go to those boring religious meetings where someone would have a stroke if they learned that I brewed my own wine. I’m not against any of them. I’m just against hypocrisy and being judgemental and keep in mind that Jesus spent his time routinely with people like the tax collectors (unpatriotic social outcasts) prostitutes, drunkards and today possibly drug addicts and AIDS affected people which some of the religious kind just can’t grasp or let these people into their sterile club which goes by the name of the Church. We are saved by grace and not by anything we did or do. The last thing we need is to impose new “spiritual” laws on the people like the Pharisees did…. Pay your tithe, come to church regularly, attend all the Bible studies, or associate which such people… Another reason why I ended up like this was because I felt that the word of God was more important than the traditions of men, so baseless things such as celebrating birthdays, festivals such as Christmas, Easter and Good Friday which have no basis in the Bible (More on that in a separate post) and rub me the wrong way.

I did all these things for 10 years being an active part of the Church until one day my bubble burst. Our pastor would take up each and every holiday including public/government holidays to setup some kind of religious meeting or picnic (which was just another 2 or 3x long church service in a different place). Even when we would go to visit him in his house, his wife would send us on errands to the market (which we did wholeheartedly because we loved them). Then one day when we went to visit him on a Monday, he said, “ Please don’t come on Mondays, it is my off day” I was like wow!! We never ever went to his house to pray or for any Church activity, it was just like going to a friends house! Maybe there were too many people visiting him, but to tell that to someone whose each and every holiday you’ve been pouncing on leaving no social life except Church activity for people like us came as a blow and a also as a wake up call to that part of the brain that makes informed decisions.   The second wake up call came when even after trying for about 12 years,  I got divorced and out of the blue, most of those who looked like my friends started shunning me -some still do! I even lost my job in a an evangelical organization. That’s when I decided to junk all my fair weather “holy” friends and follow my own path and read and study the Bible on my own. However, I’ve had some fantastic Christian friends and Pastors, who stood out of the crowd. However, time is short for everyone, and each of us should do the part that is assigned to them without judging or hating each other.

Undoing the indoctrination/programming:

That was one part of the story, here’s the next that applies to us all. We have all heard the phrase that history is written by the victors. Knowing this, we still knowingly or unknowingly hold on to or make decisions based on what we have been taught. The best way to tell believable lies to someone is to mix it in with the truth. For example, if a news agency regularly airs verifiable truth and builds up a reputation for that, if it occasionally or regularly airs unverifiable lies as well, very few people would doubt what they air.

Coming back to indoctrination, I’m glad to write this as I’ve always hated school and I had questions which my teachers could not answer which made me not look up to them anymore. Teachers are not expected to use their brains anymore -like in every field of education, they are supposed to only teach the lessons in the carefully tailored curriculum which only prepares us to slave away under the government paying taxes, holding a job and fitting into the  mold of city life till death redeems us from taxation and oppression.

The limits of science:

I won’t say all that I learned in school was unfruitful. Mathematics was useful and so were the languages and science. Here I must say that Science and Mathematics were useful only to a point. For example, I was taught that 2 + 2 = 4 . I knew this was true because I could take two pebbles, add two more to them, count them all to get the answer 4. But apart from basic mathematics and basic financial calculations, as I grew older, I learned to take higher mathematics and science with a grain of salt. When what science says can no longer be proved, it is called pseudo science. Take it even higher and then it is a religion where you have to have faith in scientists and doctors. Here are some things which cannot be proved but have to be accepted by faith making science no different from religion -the very thing it pretends to free us from!!

    • That the earth is a globe and that the earth along with other planets revolve around the sun
    • The distance from the earth of either the sun or the moon.
    • The origin of life according to Darwin
    • That God does not exist
  • That man has traveled through space or landed on the moon.

I could go on and on if I wanted to but choose to stop here.

Science indeed has become a god. Here too like math, as you go into the higher realms of science, it gets more mystical and it starts out just like math with verifiable things and moves on to unverifiable things. It is so out of fashion to believe that there is a God, but it is okay to believe that the earth is a globe tilted on its axis without any proof unless you believe NASA’s and other space exploration programs high definition, highly photoshopped or built from scratch composite space “photographs”. It is like some of the TV channels – the so called knowledge (Indoctrination) channels. They can just take a few fragments of bone or a skeleton and reconstruct a dinosaur, know how it walks (its gait) its color, whether it had scales, its diet, what it sounds like and how it swims. Ditto with space here -only thing is they could be lying through their teeth there as we cannot ever disprove them thanks to gravity that keeps us down. Search Google and read other blogs too and watch some of the “conspiracy” videos on YouTube.

Some people fall under the category of sheeple. This blog is not for them as their brains have been programmed, minds closed and hardened by education, TV, magazines and entertainment such as sports, games, movies and other TV shows. When they are not doing this, they are working to save some money for retirement all the while spending on expensive “healthcare”, all kinds of cosmetics, soaps and germicidal products. These are ideal consumers.  All you need to do is keep bombarding them with advertisements and “knowledge” videos to keep them buying the next cool thing… My dad did that and I’ve been there too! This is all they know of life apart from marrying and raising children. They believe everything that they are told and obey. Just to put things into perspective, I opened a new tab and did a quick Google search. Here are the results. Can anyone save enough for any event such as this? What happened to Greece?

Venezuela’s inflation rate will reach 10 million percent next year, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Tuesday in a report forecasting that one of the worst hyperinflationary crises in modern history will further deepen.Oct 9, 2018

This blog is for the questioning few, whose programming has started to unravel and are looking for answers. I will soon start a section called Rabid’s ramblings which will cover a variety of random topics which will build a more complete picture of this large scale deception. There will also be a section called the mystery of iniquity. Do watch out for these upcoming sections.

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from Sherlock Holmes…

Do forgive the rendering of pictures and text in older posts. Each time WordPress updates its themes, old posts go bonkers and it isn’t possible to keep going back and changing posts.

‘It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’

Sherlock Holmes in the Beryl Coronet

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