Pundi recipe

As a kid, this was not one of my favorite dishes, but it did rank above the idli. Now I have no such reservations and I actually regret that I did not enjoy these special foods when I had a chance to do so. This was on my list of To Do’s last Christmas, actually one of over 75 different posts that I had planned to write in December during my annual leave. Unfortunately, it was barely enough for data collection. So here is how you make Pundi. Pundi sounds like and is probably derived from the Tulu word pundi which means fistful. You will soon see why :-)

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Akki Otti

Akki otti rice rotti

I went to visit my cousin sister and her husband in Coorg one last time. They will soon retire and move out from the beautiful coffee estates which are interspersed with orange trees and pepper creepers. I’m sure they’ll miss the place and the joy of tending to their kitchen garden in addition to encounters with wild pigs and elephants and cooking with firewood. I first visited them in Pollibetta when I was still in school. I still remember the tall silver oaks and the old English cemetery next to the church rolling up and down covered with a carpet of yellow flowers. I fell in love with the place and its people immediately and even so many decades later memories still put a smile on my face. Continue reading “Akki Otti”

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Oiling a griddle using an onion

Oil griddle doa with onion

This is part of a post that was supposed to be covered along with another on oiling griddles. It may be familiar to some and unfamiliar to others. I wanted to include this to complement my other post. Mum used to use this method for oiling our flat cast iron dosa griddle called a flat tava in Hindi and Kaavoli in Tulu.  I prefer it to the silicon brushes and the onion can later be chopped up and added to another recipe. It also adds a pleasant flavor to the dosa.

Alternative tools for oiling a griddle are coconut coir, banana leaf stalk and a piece of cotton cloth wrapped around a stick … the goal being to get a thin film of oil on the griddle. Continue reading “Oiling a griddle using an onion”

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Cow dung and its uses

Making cow dung pats

Never thought I’d be doing a post on cow dung! I’m guessing this post would also apply to dung of other herbivorous animals which put out dung of the same consistency. My earliest encounter with dung was on my way to school when I sometimes trod on it. In school we used to call it cutting the cake. It was the worst thing that could happen to one of us -if you overlook instances when we accidentally trod on dog or human dung in which case, “kill me now” would be the most appropriate thing to say. Continue reading “Cow dung and its uses”

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Cooking in coastal South Karnataka

Udupi fish curry

Search for the words food and Udupi together in a search engine and you will quite likely come across the term “Udupi hotels” (read that as Udupi restaurants).  Even though this post uses these words numerous times, I won’t be writing about the vegetarian fare that is served in Udupi restaurants which has evolved to become such a delicious mix and match of popular south Indian snacks.  However, most people still think that these restaurants serve food exclusive or native to the Udupi region.  Well, read on…

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A visit to the sea port of Malpe

Fishing harbor Malpe

I don’t visit Malpe beach very often.  I do however have fond memories of being there during childhood and can still feel the queer sensation of the receding waves of the Arabian sea drawing away the sand from between my toes and around my feet. A long time back my maternal grandfather had a house on the beachfront, but then they moved inshore by the time I was born. In spite of all the fond memories, I  don’t like how commercialisation has affected  the beach.

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Cleaning/de-veining Prawns

shelling prawns

Prawns have been one of my favourite foods. However like most bottom feeding or filter feeding creatures, (prawns, mussels, crabs, cat fish etc..) it causes allergies -serious allergies in some people. I know of friends and relatives, who would die without medical aid if they ever ate one or more of these foods, yet they long to eat these forbidden foods. In fact we bury the waste from the above foods as if the household dog or cat eats the waste, it throws up in no time.

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