As a kid, this was not one of my favorite dishes, but it did rank above the idli. Now I have no such reservations and I actually regret that I did not enjoy these special foods when I had a chance to do so. This was on my list of To Do’s last Christmas, actually one of over 75 different posts that I had planned to write in December during my annual leave. Unfortunately, it was barely enough for data collection. So here is how you make Pundi. Pundi sounds like and is probably derived from the Tulu word pundi which means fistful. You will soon see why :-)

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Recipe: Soji/Upittu/Rawa/upma

Upma is a popular breakfast dish in India and can also be served at tea time. It was not very popular in our house though as we were part of the Maggi instant noodles generation which saw the rise of fast, tongue tickling, instant foods in India. However we reluctantly had to eat what was dished out to us. The Udupi upma called uppittu in Kannada and simply soji (semolina in Tulu, similar to sooji -what it is called in Hindi ) or rawa in our house was different from what we saw around. It was white and had barely any oil in it and was healthy (not to forget quick) and so saw a resurgence in my kitchen. Here is mum’s recipe, hope you like it.

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