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Why I don’t tithe anymore

I’ve always been uncomfortable about “tithing”. Not because I was a slacker at giving, it is just that at the back of my head I’ve had doubts of whether tithing still applied in/after the new testament. In addition, I’ve become wary giving to insatiable churches and fly by night standalone preachers and miracle workers and am tired of hearing how financially beneficial and blessed it is. I’m also pretty sure that getting returns on your giving is not in any way related to the  purpose of giving although God does bless the upright in heart who give sacrificially. The best way to know the truth would be to study the word of God by yourself prayerfully depending on God’s  Holy Spirit for guidance as He was the one who wrote the Bible. In this case, it is better not to let people on the receiving end of your tithe interpret it for you as there can be a conflict of interest.

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