Review: Victorinox Alliance Automatic 241666

Its been a while since I've done a tech review, I've been missing them since I shut down SimplySimple's younger sibling SimplyWired, so I'm positively rubbing my hands with glee 🙂 . Its also been a while since I've owned a dress watch -about 20 years or so. I gave my gold plated Titan quartz with …
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Review: Tecsun PL-380 DSP Radio

I love radio. I've wanted to be a Ham since I was a kid and ordered numerous resources, however due to cost constraints, nothing worthwhile happened. Later on, I took up electronics and assembled two of my own radios, the old ones -not the very old ones with valves, but the analogue pre-IC ones using transistors, …
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Review : Smith & Wesson tactical pen

Looks like my bug out bag project is jinxed. A couple of years back, my 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 backpack was stolen on a train journey to my brothers house. I was testing its load bearing ability with its Y yoke being a bit uncomfortable in the Indian summers. Now I'm yet unable to choose …
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Review: Sony ICF-F12S Radio

If you were born in the seventies or early eighties in India, the sound of a radio -which was the only source of entertainment and news  then would bring on a wave of nostalgia and rekindle old memories. For me I have additional memories passed down from a generation before and radio is an inseparable …
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Water Bottle shootout : Klean Kanteen vs Sigg

It has been several years since I gave up plastic. My biggest dilemma at that time was carrying my drinking water without leeching any chemicals into it. On searching the net I finally short listed these two bottles. It was just a matter of who accepted credit card payments and shipped to India -both would also …
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Review: The Ganjuwal "Swiss" Khukhuri

I had been aware for quite some time that my camping equipment was missing a tools for chopping up firewood into manageable pieces. I did have emergency tools like the excellent shark toothed saw on my Victorinox Swiss champ, and a commando wire saw. However these are basically tools to be used in an emergency …
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Review: Chico bag’s Bottle Sling

When I bought my 40 oz (approx 1.1 liter) Klean Kanteen, I also bought a neoprene jacket made by Built NY from them. It took me quite some time -almost a year to get used to the neoprene jacket (because I was used to carrying my Sigg around) as it  was a bit different from …
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Review: Snakes of India -The field guide

Snakes evoke mixed feelings in most people. They are either  feared, adored, worshipped or despised. Even among those who worship and revere them, most of them would rather keep their distance than come up close to observe them. On looking  back at my past interactions with snakes, from a total of about six or seven …
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Fellowship with my camp cook gear ;-P

This is a first impression post on cooking with the cooking gear I purchased for my backpacking and camping trips. This test was done in controlled conditions. The items that I carried with me on my trip were the Bushbuddy wood burning stove, my Trangia spirit burner, the Clikstand for the Trangia, the Snowpeak Trek …
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Review: Nikon Monarch ATB Team RT 8 x 42 (dielectric) binoculars

This has been one of the more expensive of my camping purchases. It was a long wait while I bought the essentials and kept postponing this purchase. I didn’t plan it this way -to make this my most expensive purchase, but as the years went by, so did my paycheck and of course I wanted …
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