This is part of a post that was supposed to be covered along with another on oiling griddles. It may be familiar to some and unfamiliar to others. I wanted to include this to complement my other post. Mum used to use this method for oiling our flat cast iron dosa griddle called a flat tava in Hindi and Kaavoli in Tulu.  I prefer it to the silicon brushes and the onion can later be chopped up and added to another recipe. It also adds a pleasant flavor to the dosa.

Alternative tools for oiling a griddle are coconut coir, banana leaf stalk and a piece of cotton cloth wrapped around a stick … the goal being to get a thin film of oil on the griddle.

 Items required  -A medium sized onion, a fork and a knife.

The onion has two sides, the root end and the shoot end. In this picture, the root end is facing upwards.
Cut off quarter of the onion from the shoot end i.e. leave 3/4th of the onion attached to the root end. If you cut off the wrong end, the onion will disintegrate during use.
Now spear a fork at an angle into the onion as shown in the picture. This is a mini fork from my NATO spec KFS set which got damaged
Dip the surface of the onion in oil and use it to grease the fry pan

The left over onion can be used while preparing your next meal!



| Mrs. Manorama Soans |



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