Review: Snakes of India -The field guide

Snakes evoke mixed feelings in most people. They are either  feared, adored, worshipped or despised. Even among those who worship and revere them, most of them would rather keep their distance than come up close to observe them. On looking  back at my past interactions with snakes, from a total of about six or seven […]

Fellowship with my camp cook gear ;-P

This is a first impression post on cooking with the cooking gear I purchased for my backpacking and camping trips. This test was done in controlled conditions. The items that I carried with me on my trip were the Bushbuddy wood burning stove, my Trangia spirit burner, the Clikstand for the Trangia, the Snowpeak Trek […]

Review: Nikon Monarch ATB Team RT 8 x 42 (dielectric) binoculars

This has been one of the more expensive of my camping purchases. It was a long wait while I bought the essentials and kept postponing this purchase. I didn’t plan it this way -to make this my most expensive purchase, but as the years went by, so did my paycheck and of course I wanted […]

Review: Disciple Extended Ops tactical pack MK II

I have been on the  lookout for a smaller pack -smaller than my existing 80 litre rucksack. I had bought this on sale and red was the only colour available. A brightly coloured pack is not very suitable when trekking out in the wilderness, trying to observe the flora and fauna around you as in […]

Review: Zebra 12cm billycan

I currently have 4 cook pots that I use when trekking or camping. I use them at home quite often too! The Vargo Ti lite mug The Snowpeak Trek 900 Titanium The Montbell #3D Titanium cooker The Zebra 12cm “Billy Can” The Zebra has been my latest acquisition, and my first stainless steel cook pot […]

Review: Trangia meth burner

  Having owned the Bushbuddy, and being very satisfied with it, I had no intention of getting another backpacking stove, particularly a spirit burner as I had been coming across information on the Net that getting meths in India is difficult if not close to impossible. Besides, here it is also an “offence” to carry […]