The Himalayan Oak: Quercus leucotrichophora

The Himalayan evergreen oak is an endangered tree in Northern India. The reasons for its decline are varied, the population explosion and probably global warming and deforestation all play a role in its decline. Another reason is the widespread aggressive pruning of the oaks for use as cattle feed and firewood by the local population. […]

The Himalayan Cedar: Cedrus deodara

While maybe not as famous as the Cedars of Lebanon (Cedrus libani ), the Himalayan cedar  holds its own in its territory. Just as tall and straight, with thin spreading branches and fragrant cones, this tree caught my attention both upwards of Kathwar village in Himachal pradesh and Landour in Mussoorie.  I did initially confuse […]

Calotropis gigantea / Calotropis procera

This plant is an old friend on account of its familiarity since childhood, thanks to its wide distribution all over India. I remember this plant as it is pretty easy to identify. It is covered in a whitish powder and when a part of the plant is broken off, it exudes  latex ( a milky-white […]