The Thootae: Torch made out of dry coconut leaves

Back to the main post on the coconut tree I’m fortunate enough to have people in my family who lived before the advent of electricity and studied by kerosene lamp. Often the kerosene lamp was just a round wick forced through a hole made in the metal bottle cap. I vaguely knew that before kerosene […]

Husking coconuts at home

  Back to the main post on the coconut tree Husking  a coconut can be done in several ways. The simplest, also seen in a popular wilderness survival show is to use a flattened stake embedded in the ground to tear into the husk and then twist out the husk in sections till the whole […]

How to open up a green (tender) coconut

Back to the main post on the coconut tree I had clicked these pictures a couple of years ago. After procrastinating for quite some time, I’ve finally posted them. Green or tender coconuts as they are known make for a very refreshing drink -particularly in the summers. They are known to have a cooling effect […]

Harvesting coconuts

Back to the main post on the coconut tree We have always had to hire people for harvesting coconuts -an increasingly difficult task. We have those native coconut palms which go up about two stories high or sometimes even higher. A lot of people have those stunted, probably genetically modified hybrid trees, which are easy […]

Cleaning/de-veining Prawns

Prawns have been one of my favourite foods. However like most bottom feeding or filter feeding creatures, (prawns, mussels, crabs, cat fish etc..) it causes allergies -serious allergies in some people. I know of friends and relatives, who would die without medical aid if they ever ate one or more of these foods, yet they […]

Banana stalk oil applicator

Most houses in coastal south India having a garden also have one or more banana/plantain ( Musa balbisiana ) plants in addition to a few coconut trees. The plant has a long list of uses, apart from its edible fruit. You can check another documented use of its stem in this post. Here we outline […]

Making Semai Adde

I mostly go home only once a year, usually for Christmas. This is also when I grill the poor old things at home for posts for my blog. I hate to do this as this kind of information is passed on during casual conversation or while doing something related together, rather than through interrogation. Many times it […]