Ethereal Living out the word

III – The truth shall set you free

Continued from part 2

The Holy Ghost led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted and does that to his followers as well. Besides, gold is refined in a furnace and neither can a follower of Jesus be purified in the lap of luxury and comfort. Even as prosperity preachers and the ‘Word of Faith‘ movement preach prosperity to their flocks with their name and claim teaching, followers of Jesus have to pass through that very same school of suffering that the prophets and apostles went through which was modeled by Jesus in His own life as well. After all, no servant is greater than his master.

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Ethereal Living out the word

II – The Journey begins

Continued from part 1

I feel like Frodo, without the ring though, but a journey awaits nevertheless, even if I don’t know it yet. I would have been discouraged if I knew  which way or how long it would be so God in His mercy showed me only one step at a time.

I  wait happily to savor the meaningful and abundant Christian life that I’ve found. I’ve always  known that there was something missing in all the rituals and in religion. I’m glad I was shown the way because there are no biological Christians. Whatever religion you belong to or even if you are born into a family that attends the best church, in the Master’s words, -“You must be born again!” (Born into the kingdom of God as a child of God) There is indeed a transaction which must happen between you and God! However, it will cost you nothing as the price was already paid on the cross. It is written that the iniquity of us all was laid on Him.

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Ethereal Living out the word

I – Contact

This is an account of a life changing experience I had when I was 24 which literally turned my world upside down. This is the reason exists, as it opened up my mind to the truth which set me free and help discern what was true and what was not and helped de-program me from education and past experiences of suspected SRA or  child sexual abuse.

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How To

How to install Kannada fonts in Ubuntu

Since this blog has several posts about the Udupi and Mangalore region, I thought it would be good to do a short post on how to install the Kannada font in Ubuntu. I stumbled across this issue when I was trying to read a website in Kannada for an aunt of mine.

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Making grape wine at home

I’ve read enough resources on making wine at home over the years to make my head spin. Wine making can be extremely confusing as on the one hand we find Westerners making wine in a laboratory/industrial kind of setting with grape crushers, de-stemmers, presses, hydrometers, racking canes, clarifiers, carboys, sanitizing chemicals like sodium metabisulphide and fancy equipment designed for wine making all of which amounts to a tidy sum in the form of investment.

On the other hand you have those elderly French and Italian gentlemen who have learned these skills from their fathers when they were around and who have been making wine regularly for as long as they can remember. In spite of not using any of the above (except for the grape crushers and pressers which are required due to the large volume of grapes they process).

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Review: Victorinox Alliance Automatic 241666

Its been a while since I’ve done a tech review, I’ve been missing them since I shut down SimplySimple’s younger sibling SimplyWired, so I’m positively rubbing my hands with glee 🙂 . Its also been a while since I’ve owned a dress watch -about 20 years or so. I gave my gold plated Titan quartz with its lovely calendar comprising small dials for day of week, date and month and moon-phase to my brother as I got tired of it. In addition, I own a Citizen Eco Drive which is my daily driver as my Seiko 5 with the entry level 23 Jewel 7s36C movement runs out of steam over the weekend in which case I’d have to use a watch winder or adjust the Day, date and time every Monday morning -something I don’t like doing…

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As a kid, this was not one of my favorite dishes, but it did rank above the idli. Now I have no such reservations and I actually regret that I did not enjoy these special foods when I had a chance to do so. This was on my list of To Do’s last Christmas, actually one of over 75 different posts that I had planned to write in December during my annual leave. Unfortunately, it was barely enough for data collection. So here is how you make Pundi. Pundi sounds like and is probably derived from the Tulu word pundi which means fistful. You will soon see why :-)

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