The enigma of eating healthy


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Eating healthy is an enigma indeed. This of course is on account of there being as many opinions on this subject as there are people themselves. It doesn’t help that those at the forefront of publishing these “scientific reports” have  business interests, or are selling diets to lose weight, beat cancer or peddle similar miraculous cures or sell  so called super-foods -all with an intent to pad their pockets. Continue reading…

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Buying organic products in India


Different flavors of honey available from “Under the mango tree”

I’ve been using organic products for a very long time now and feel that it justifies a post on my blog.  Before I start off, I think I should put down my reasons for going organic and what organic means to me. This has become so much more necessary now than before, because so many cash rich businesses have jumped into this business as  the selling prices are more for organic products compared to what other products sell for in the market. We will review individual products in a separate post. The physical shop reviews are from Delhi and that was the original title of the post, however, I ultimately ended up buying online as that gave me the best choices and this can be done from any where in India. Buying from a shop is still a mystery as you never know what you will or will not get until you reach there.

This post will be updated whenever I have some  new source to add.

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Review: Sony ICF-F12S Radio

If you were born in the seventies or early eighties in India, the sound of a radio -which was the only source of entertainment and news  then would bring on a wave of nostalgia and rekindle old memories. For me I have additional memories passed down from a generation before and radio is an inseparable part of me. I never became a HAM like I wanted to when I was younger, but my love for radios and electronics never ended. Continue reading…

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The millstone

The millstone, even though we were born into a generation that never had to use it, is familiar to most Indians. The reason behind this is that it was a symbol of punishment in most of the Hindi movies of yesteryear (where inmates had to grind wheat). Even today “jail ka chakki pisna” is a common phrase to refer to being imprisoned. In large households, some of the larger millstones were operated by two people (usually women) sitting in front of each other to share the load. Imagine my delight when I came to become a proud owner of my own millstone! Continue reading…

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Akki Otti

I went to visit my cousin sister and her husband in Coorg one last time. They will soon retire and move out from the beautiful coffee estates which are interspersed with orange trees and pepper creepers. I’m sure they’ll miss the place and the joy of tending to their kitchen garden in addition to encounters with wild pigs and elephants and cooking with firewood. I first visited them in Pollibetta when I was still in school. I still remember the tall silver oaks and the old English cemetery next to the church rolling up and down covered with a carpet of yellow flowers. I fell in love with the place and its people immediately and even so many decades later memories still put a smile on my face. Continue reading…

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Making your own own coffee powder

Coffee has been one of my all time favorites since childhood. I can vaguely remember begging for coffee from my grandma and pestering my cousin sisters’ back home for coffee all through the day. The only difference was while my grandmother used filter coffee, my cousin sisters’ had made the move to instant coffee. I never realized that one day I’d come full circle and go back to filter coffee! Continue reading…

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Oiling a griddle using an onion

This is part of a post that was supposed to be covered along with another on oiling griddles. It may be familiar to some and unfamiliar to others. I wanted to include this to complement my other post. Mum used to use this method for oiling our flat cast iron dosa griddle called a flat tava in Hindi and Kaavoli in Tulu.  I prefer it to the silicon brushes and the onion can later be chopped up and added to another recipe. It also adds a pleasant flavor to the dosa.

Alternative tools for oiling a griddle are coconut coir, banana leaf stalk and a piece of cotton cloth wrapped around a stick … the goal being to get a thin film of oil on the griddle. Continue reading…

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